About Chairman

In 1981, our director completed his Mechanical Engineering. Then he explored the world of business administration. After completing education, he got associated with Blind Relief Association (BRA) in Delhi. Not only that, but he was actively associated with different NGO’s based in Delhi and NCR area.

He takes special interest in finding and following the ways that helps in uplifting the spirit of the society. He is involved with wide range of works concerning the underprivileged section of the society. Also, he is involved with organizing the campaigns and camps that promote the aspects of sanitation and health.

He understands the aspect of human spirit and the natural healing power of human body. This drives his towards the path of alternate medical treatment. He completed his PhD in Mantra Therapy. Now, he uses his expertise in treating the patients with different problems.

His working consists of organizing different camps that helps in treating people with Mantras. Also, he helps conferences on the same. Alongside, he is involved with research on DNA to treat the human in better way. He dreams of making this society a better place for everyone.

Chairman Message

Indian is a country that is full of potential, talent and resources. However, the socio-economic condition of our country often bars the growth of those potentials and talents. Also, there is a huge difference between the privileged and underprivileged section of the society. Poverty, lack of education, shortage of water, child labour, improper sanitation, inadequate health treatments are some among the many aspects that today’s Indian society faces.

A country can prosper when its citizens gets proper facilities for development. Thus, it is our duty to take care and help those who face the unfair treatment of life. For growing as a society, we need to get indulged in the works that will help in creating a better environment.

The humanitarian works mainly involves two main aspects. One among them is the human resource and the other is monetary fluency. Thus, we require volunteers, as well as, donations that will help us creating such society that is for everyone.
Dr. Manoj Sharma

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